Picture Credits

Picture Credits

We would like to give a special Thank-you to the photographer Alessandro Giannini and his Studio ScattovisuAle for granting us the use of his photographs throughout our site and for his collaboration during the development phase. The photos by A. Giannini have given prominence and value to our web-pages. Giannini’s Photos have been published in the following destinations: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and the beautiful parks of Yosemite National Parks – Grand Canyon – Bryce Canyon – Death Valley – Zion Park.

To follow Alessandro Giannini and his work please visit:
Website: ScattovisuAle
Facebook: Scattovisuale – Servizi Fotografici
Flickr: Alessandro Giannini
Instagram: Alessandro Giannini
Google+: Scattovisuale di A.Giannini
Pinterest: Alessandro Giannini

Additionally, We would like to thank: Claudia Ciardulli, travel blogger, for her articles and pictures on San Francisco :
To follow Claudia and her work please visit:
Website Blog: Wanderlustblog
Facebook: FACEBOOK

We would also like to give special thanks to some of our oldest and dearest clients, friends & followers who gave us permission to use their incredible photos throughout our website, and without whom our site would have looked pretty dull & boring, so: “Thank you very much for sharing with us your images and for helping us beautifying the USA-Welcome Site!”

In particular, we would like to thank:

Monica Logoteta – photos: LA – Yosemite – San Francisco

Rosario Torretta – photos: New York

Luna Giontella – photos: San Diego – California

Rita Ricciardini – photos: Grand Canyon – Vegas – LA

Florencia Ridruejo – photos: LA JP Getty

M. Rossini – photos: Las Vegas – Death Valley

Valentina Capaccioli – photos: Florida

Danilo Pantano – photos: Las Vegas – LA – San Francisco

Alberto Capitano – photos: Las Vegas

Alberto Camellin – photos: Boston – North-East US

Francesca Saiu – photos: New York – Niagara Falls

Claudia Basile – photos: Washington DC

L. Pugliesi – photos: Las Vegas

Eric Marie – photos: Florida – Orlando

If you sent us your pictures and your name does not appear on the list, please write us at [laura.demarco@usawelcome.net] so we can include your name as well.

If you are interested in lending us your Photos to be published on our site, please write us at [laura.demarco@usawelcome.net]